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Using SaaS for significant website savings

Posted on Wednesday, February 22nd, 2017

Tewkesbury Borough Council has replaced its website with a SaaS supplier costing £170 per year saving around £13,000 each year.

The old website did not work on mobiles, had too many pages and staff did not like updating it.

Research showed online website creation (SaaS) sites had matured in recent years and could provide quality websites ‘off the shelf’.  Comparing these suppliers with the conventional ones showed a price difference of thousands of pounds a year without compromising on key functionality.

The chosen supplier offered a great range of templates and functions with excellent support and came endorsed by a large range of existing global business customers.

The new site costs about £14 month for unlimited use of the platform, hosting and bandwidth and delivered a saving of around £13,000 a year.

The website team worked with staff, councillors and with the public with a beta site for feedback before the going live.

The site went live on 30 November, the process has been very smooth, and the council is very pleased to be working with a system that has saved time and money and delivers a vastly improved user experience for all the website customers.

The council wants to share its experience and hope the cost saving can be replicated across the sector, collectively saving hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Project owner: Matthew Reeve
Contact: matthew.reeve@tewkesbury.gov.uk
Website: https://www.tewkesbury.gov.uk
Stage of Development: Live
Willing to Share: Yes