Public Digital Service Exchange
Public Service Digital Exchange (PSDeXchange) is a platform for showcasing digital innovation by and for public services.
Owners of digital innovations can upload details in two categories, ‘Care Apps’ and ‘Local Digital Innovations’.
The Care Apps showcase is linked with the ADASS Care Apps conference and showcase held on 7 March 2017 in Birmingham. Products uploaded in this category were considered for inclusion in the live showcase on 7 March and many presented at this event – see our short video illustrating the pitching sessions.
Health and social care apps uploaded will also be eligible for inclusion in the Digital Innovation Showcase for health & social care that will run as part of the Connected Local Government Live 2017 event in Birmingham on 28/29 June.
The Local Digital Innovations showcase is also linked with the forthcoming Connected Local Government Live 2017 event where there will be a Digital Innovation Showcase for local government-related services.
The Local Digital Innovations showcase also links with Socitm’s Better Connected programme that tracks and analyses digital performance in local authorities and other local public services. Innovations uploaded in this category will be indexed on the Better Connected website and the project name and descriptor added to the relevant local authority page (every UK local authority has its own page on the site).
There is no registration or any other charge for uploading product or project details to Public Service Digital Exchange. Uploads will be reviewed prior to publication.