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ADASS has made its selection of digital innovations to be presented at the Care Apps Showcase to be held in Birmingham on March 7th.

The Showcase is designed to raise awareness among senior social care professionals of the potential of digital innovation to enable growing numbers of elderly people to maintain health and wellbeing, or cope with long term conditions, keeping their own independence and containing ever more stretched social care budgets.

The first ten apps chosen support the management of physical and mental health conditions; ameliorate memory loss and dementia; enable elderly people to stay in their own homes when there is risk of falls and other mishaps; provide data to support outcomes based commissioning; offer older people access to much simplified tablet based digital and communication tools; and encourage take up and maintenance of appropriate physical activity programmes.

Selected apps are:

Mable – Enabling people under care and their caregivers to connect, get organized, reminisce and stay safe

247grid – Visual budget management app enabling providers to codesign care plans with those receiving care. Weekly views incorporate areas of increasing independence, identifying where funded support will be most effective.

MedCrowd – Connecting health and care teams securely across different specialisms, organizations, and partnerships via messaging and chat

BedFinder – removing time wasted by social care and hospital teams calling care homes to find suitable vacancies when people are being discharged from hospital. Developed by OLM Systems

Brain in hand – personalised support from a smartphone for people with autism or learning difficulties. Developed by: Brain in Hand Ltd

Remindmecare – creates, for care recipients, or those with dementia, a digital ‘my story’ that enables better engagement with and by the community of people who deliver their care. Developed by Health-Connected Ltd

Everybody Active – a digital platform that offers a personalised approach to physical activity, based on individual targets and challenges, which can be shared (or not) with the user’s nominated friends and ‘circle of support’. Developed by Looking Local/Kirklees Council

Respexi Home Hub – a touch screen tablet that contains custom software only, designed to be very easy to use and completely secure. Developed by Sight and Sound Technology Ltd

My Health tools – a digital self-care platform that enables people to self-assess, self-manage and self-monitor their long term conditions. Developed by Looking Local/Kirklees Council

Interactive Me – builds online memory boxes for people with dementia and those who are in residential care. Developed by Interactive Me Ltd

Co-care – Captures useful information about home care visits for sharing with families and measuring outcomes for commissioners. Developed through a partnership between LGiU, Kingston Council, Cubicus and Tackle

Kemuri – provides reassurance that people are warm, eating, drinking and mobile – and prompts family or friends if they are not. Developed by: Kemuri Limited.

Prompt – helps people with memory problems retain social confidence and independence. Developed by Memrica Ltd

Digital innovations continue to be uploaded to the Public Service Digital Exchange and will benefit from the publicity surrounding the Care Apps Programme, which is ongoing – further announcements will be made at the Showcase event on March 7.

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